Accountants and financial services


You can be assured that your clients accounting documents stored on the Cloud will be free from the risk of being hacked, because once put on the Cloud with the application, documents are unstructured and encrypted.

While you put your clients financial data in total safety thanks to BlockShare, they will trust you more and it will increase the value and improve the image of your company !

Legal field


If you are a solicitor, you will have the possibility to store every clients files and documents without worrying about losing it if there is any problem, because you will always be able to get it back !

If you are a lawyer, you could keep your case files away from any malicious intent : even Cloud systems could not read it thanks to encryption and destructuring. Your documents and files confidentiality and your clients privacy are completely ensured !

You will be able to share some piece of information with the people of your choice in complete control during each step.

Human Resources

It is an easier and safier way to send the staff payslips with the share option.

You would store every staff files on the Cloud without worrying about losing it thanks to data duplication.

Members of the staff could have access to their payslip everywhere and download it under your terms even on their phone, because BlockShare is a multidevice application.

Design office and research department


Create a groupe will allow you to share documents with your team only, without having to search each person at a time.

You could also forward the elements to the other project teams in complete confidency !

Your confidential and important information in your reasearch work need to have an ensured security and cofidentiality, so intead of sharing them with an email and storing them to the scope of anyone, use BlockShare to make it unreadable !

Mergers and Acquisitions

handshakeI want to use a Virtual Data Room (VDR), how can I be sure that all documents are stored safely and confidentially?
What is really beneficial about a virtual dataroom?

A virtual dataroom is a repository of information where are stored and distributed confidential documents during a transaction such as M§A, private equity, venture capital.
Documents are accessible on line through a secured process.
You may choose the people that will be granted an access to a specified level of documents.
Traceability is key, so can you track every views all along the process.
BlockShare Virtual Data Room offers all functions and benefits usually provided by VDR :

  • Accessibility 24/7
  • Real time tracking improving deal intelligence
  • Real time rights management
  • Easy to use question-answers
  • Efficiency, over paper process
  • Reduced cost both you for and bidders
  • Universal accessibility allowing more bidders simultaneously and in a short period of time

BlockShare offers in addition:

  1. A highly secured process, insuring complete confidentiality during transfer, storage and sharing.

Data exchange uses the same communication protocol used by banks (SSL). Documents are destructured and encrypted before the transmission and then stocked on highly secured data-centers (Tier 3 Type). Documents can be splitted on different data-centers. Neither BlockShare, nor data-centers can read the documents: only you and people authorized by you can visualize or download them according to your parameters.
All devices are checked before

  1. A very easy to use application, both by you and bidders.

No specific IT skills requested, no need for a training program, fast to set up and available 24/7. It will give you a better productivity and reactivity.
A cost effective solution: free for bidders, unlimited number of devices, as many different VDR as you want, 100 Go secured storage included, no subscription time commitment.