A strong process to protect your data

Adanam Technology created the BlockShare® solution to preserve confidentiality and integrity of any kind of documents when transferred on the net, stored on Cloud hosting and shared with third parties.frenchtech-logo3

The document is split into several pieces, destructured and encrypted at the user desktop level. The document is then distributed on different cloud hosting services. Encryption keys are also protected and are transferred independently from the related document.

BlockShare® solution takes advantage of already developed Adanam Technology in the area of binary data flow compression (Suan Pan® process)

Adanam Technology has been prize-winner of the 14th French National Contest « Concours National d’Aide à la Création d’Entreprises de Technologies Innovantes » held by the French Research Ministry.

Suan Pan is a new arithmetic coding and algorithm. Processing is much faster than existing technology and can handle high volume data. Adanam Technology developed a specific computer using Suan Pan®. Data is processed at the binary level. Therefore solution is independent from file or document format.

Suan Pan :

On the fly binary data flow processing technology adapted to protect digital document. The document is sequentially transformed into new binary structured segments.

The process includes a pre-defined hashing mechanism into macroblocks. A lossless specific coding is applied to each macroblock to create new binary sets, which will be dispatched on different cloud hostings.

Open client/server architecture, non intrusive and high performance:

  • Multi Thread / Socket
  • Multi processor
  • Thin client
  • Adapted to data transmission

Only the user or authorized third parties are allowed to reconciliate the document.
Neither Adanam Technology, nor cloud providers can access all required informations.


BlockShare® specifity is to combine a proprietary solution for data coding and a standard solution to protect coding data when transferred and stored on the Clouds.

User interface makes easy Cloud usage and document sharing.

Data is protected at the user desktop level and is therefore never in clear on the net. An hypothetic hacker would have to crack simultaneously the two systems to get a chance to access to the document.

  • Destructuration and encryption algorithm : Suan Pan ® is proprietary. Risk to see this alogorithm attacked is much lower than with coding methods used by other providers of similar systems. Software pieces installed on customer desktop are tracked, making easier an eventual response. Coding and decoding need a complex computer controlled by Adanam Technology.
  • Coding data and Cloud dispatch information are protected by a secured SSL (Secure Socket Layer) protocol commonly used for financiel transactions, stored login and password data are protected by a SHA-2 algorithm.
  • Encrypted document’s data and coding informations are transmitted on different channels, different documents pieces are never simultaneously reachable before being reconciliated by an authorized user.
  • User authentication :
    • User authentication and data decryption are independent.
    • Connection protection data and passwords are hashed by a SHA-2 (Secure Hash Algorithm) algorithm created by NSA and used by NIST (National Institute of Standard and Technology)
    • User authentication and authorization are based on a OAuth 2.0 protocol similar to those used by the major Clouds providers (Google Drive, Dropbox, Box.net,…)