The General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) within the European Union enters into force on May 25th 2018.

GDPR changes fundamentally the way personal data are collected and protected within the European Union.
Personal data means any information related to an individual, whether it relates to his or her private, professional or public life.

This regulation applies to any personal information contained in a file or intended to be integrated in a file.
It concerns any kind of organization, including its sub-contractors, such as SME, ETI, large companies, communities, associations, and includes all internal teams (HR, CFO, ISD, Sales, Marketing,..)

Records of processing activities:
Cornerstone of the new European Regulation GDPR

Obligation to declare is canceled, but in return enterprises will have to keep a record of processing activities, demonstrating regulation compliance in case of a control by the supervisory authority.

Maintaining such a register is important when taking into account the level of financial penalties that could apply when this record is missing.

Article 30 : Each processor and, where applicable, the processor’s representative shall maintain a record of all categories of processing activities carried out on behalf of a controller, containing

Keeps you compliant with yours GDPR obligations

    • BlockNote® simplifies creation and management of records of processing activities by:

    • Recording company’s processing activities
    • Recording processing activities held on behalf of clients
    • Keeping tracks of all processing performed under responsibility of the company or a sub-contractor

    First web application using blockchain technology to bring evidence of conformity to GDPR.

BlockNote - RGPD - Blockchain inside
BlockNote® web application has been developed to bring an easy answer to business customers in regard of their new obligations issued from the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) within the European Union entering into force on May 25th 2018.
This regulation includes in particular the obligation to keep a record of processing activities.
This record is the document demonstrating regulation compliance in case of a control by the supervisory authorities and applies equally to internal service and sub-contractors.

BlockNote - GDPR - Conformity proof and accountability principle

BlockNote - GDPR

BlockNote® is a full decentralized and transparent solution, responsibilities are distributed between all contributors (Controllers, Representatives, Processing on behalf, Data Protection Officer (DPO),…)
Each concerned person becomes accountant of transmitted data, trusted third party (blockchain) act as an ecosystem facilitator.


BlockNote® is a web application very easy to use bringing the following functionalities:

Conformity compliance:
Record of processing activities

BlockNote® helps you create and keep your processing records:
– Record of your processing activities
– Record of sub-contractors’ activities (their customers processing)
BlockNote® makes it possible to manage multi-records for corporate groups, parent companies and subsidiaries.

Dashboard (alerts, list of actions,..)

The dashboard brings a global vision on the state of conformity of your processing activity.
It manages as well lists of actions to be taken and notifies on incomplete processing.

GDPR documentary reference table

Keywords searches help you to find the appropriate GDPR articles.

Tools: level of risk evaluation,
profiling table

– An easy to use application helps you identify the degree of risk of a specific processing and to define whether or not a DPIA (Data Protection Impact Assessment) has to be completed.
– Processing analysis checks whether or not a specific processing falls within profiling obligation as defined in GDPR.

Working Space :
conformity is collaborative work

BlockNote® is built to manage collaborative work between the DPO (Data Privacy Officer) and all collectors taking part in personal data processing.
BlockNote® solution is built around BlockShare technical base.
Therefore BlockNote® benefits from all BlockShare functionalities: collaborative workspace, traceability, archive, end to end secured file sharing, no limitation in format and size of documents,..

Security and Confidentiality

Data and files benefit from an end to end protection through an innovative and original destructuration and encryption system.
Files are directly encrypted or decrypted on the desktop. They never transit in clear on internet and stay encrypted when stored.
Only authorized users are allowed to read documents.(Compliant with DGPR article 32 Security of Processing)

Secured storage space

BlockNote® offer includes a storage space.
All your data and files are encrypted and hosted on a highly secured datacenter. (ISO 27 001 certification, ISO 14 001, HQE), not recovering from Patriot Act and/or Cloud Act.
Datacenter are Tier III and III+ level type.

Traceability, Timestamping,
Certification by blockchain

BlockNote® is the first application platform based on blockchain technology proving evidence of your GDPR compliance.BlockNote® guarantees a high level of security for file sending and sharing, offers a undeniable traceability using fundamental blockchain functions to authenticate, certify and timestamp documents and transactions related to these documents.
Traceability guarantee provided by the blockchain technology is an enforceable, tamper-proofed and reliable mean.