My computer

I lost my computer / I'm getting a new computer

You can access your document as long as you have your login/password. If you lost your computer or if it doesn’t work, you just have to log in on BlockShare website with your new/other computer. Then you’ll have to download and install the application once again. You’ll also have to grant access to your clouds from this computer through the desktop client. Once those operations are completed, you will be able to access your working environment.

I'm adding a new device

You can have as many devices or computers as you want connected to a same account (login/password). To add a new computer to your account, simply connect it to the BlockShare server through the client. Then you’ll have to download and install the application once again. You’ll also have to grant access to your clouds from this computer/device through the desktop client.Once those operations are completed, you will be able to access your working environment untouched.

Managing and updating my documents

I don't want a shared document to be available anymore

To do so, you have to open the BlockShare application, click on the information button and then delete the recipient in the tab « Shares ».

How long is my document accessible ?

Your documents are accessible as long as you don’t remove them from BlockShare and as your cloud accounts are active. For the shared document, they are available to the recipient only for a limited time, for security reasons. Time windows during which the document is available is function of your parameters. Default time is 21 days. Each client can adapt this parameter to its own security policy.

Moreover, the recipient only has a limited number of downloads. Default maximum is 3. Each client can adapt this parameter to its own security policy.

If one of the maxima (availabilty or number of downloads) is reached, the recipient will be informed he has to ask you again to share the document.

I need to know if a document I've shared has been downloaded

You can check the status of each document you’ve shared by going to your account and clicking on the information button of the document.You can choose to be informed by email when a document is downloaded. You can activate/deactivate this option in your account.

Can I store and share any type of document?

Yes, BlockShare processes each document at the binary level. As a consequence, there is no format restriction.

Is there any limitation about my file directory ?

BlockShare has its own file directory and can interface your own file directory. You simply drop any document from/to a directory to another. The only limit may come from your cloud services : maximum size of your storage space, maximum number of documents.

My account parameters

I want to add/remove an user from my account

For a client account, the possibility to add or remove an user is only available by the administrator set at the creation of the account.To do so the administrator must go to  and click on « Add user » to add one. To remove one, the adminitrator must click on « manage users » and press the delete button in front of the user’s name.

I want to invite someone to sign up to BlockShare

There can be times when you wish to share a document with a recipient unknown to BlockShare. In this case, BlockShare will inform you that this recipient isn’t in our base and will offer to send him an invitation to sign up. Signing up is free for users having only access to the download feature. An email will be sent to the recipient asking him to connect to BlockShare. He will have to create his user account and initialize clouds services compatible with your own. Once his inscription completed, you will receive a message telling you that your recipient can now receive your shared documents.

I lost my password

A password retrieval is available through this site. If you lost all your credentials, please contact us with the contact form available on this site.

Clouds management

I want to change a Cloud

Feature currently in development .

This function will allow you to migrate all your documents hosted on one of your Cloud service to another one of your choice. Beforehand, you’ll have to create an account on the new Cloud selected. The migration will then be completely automatic. So that your recipients still can retrieve the already sent documents, we recommend that you plan a certain amount of time before closing the abandonned Cloud account.

I want to use a sovereign Cloud service

We have a partnership with Cloudwatt, which stores all its data in France.

Can I use any Cloud provider?

By default, BlockShare already provides ways to connect with the major clouds on the market. If one of the Cloud service (public or private) you wish to connect to isn’t already avaible at BlockShare, please contact the client service : .

Do I have to register to the Cloud provider to use BlockShare?

No, you do not have to be registered to any Cloud service to use BlockShare. When you open a BlockShare Writer account you will have automatic access to a 10 GB storage account at our partner Cloudwatt. You can also use Cloud accounts you have already registered or create one or more when you log on the first time to BlockShare.

Can I still retrieve my documents if I want to close my BlockShare account?

You can retrieve all your documents after you resiliate your account. However you won’t be able to share them or upload new ones.

Security standards and document safety

How can I be sure that my documents are protected when it is stored?

The documents stored on the Clouds are protected by the own security procedures each cloud have and according to the legislation each cloud has to follow (law of the country where the physical hosting takes place and/or where the cloud company is incorporated).The main advantage BlockShare offers is that it stores on each Cloud only encrypted, non-linear pieces of document. BlockShare server itself never receives the documents and can’t access your clouds service.

Are my documents protected during transfer?

The documents are exploded into pieces and encrypted on your computer before any internet interaction takes place. Therefore, they have the same security level during transfer as during storage.

How can I be sure to keep my documents privacy when I share one?

Each document is shared straight on the personal space of the recipient, he never accesses  neither to your personal space nor to your shared documents.

How does the integrity option works ?

The “integrity” option guarantees that in case of unavailability or mal-function of one of your Clouds, your data stays safe and available. When this option is on, after the document is exploded into pieces and encrypted, the pieces are all stored on at least two Clouds. The operation is unnoticeable for you. The option is available either globally or by document.

Technical specifications

What is the minimal configuration required to run BlockShare?

You just need a working internet browser and to have an up-to-date Java installed.

How do I update Java ?

Java version 1.8 or later is required to run BlockShare. You can download Java from this address :

Is there a way to interface to my existing business application ? Is there an API

Interconnection between APIs is possible through connectors. Please contact us regarding your situation and your project requiring such a feature:

What are the technical limitations? (maximum users, organisations, bandwidth, memory usage...)

There is no technical limitation particular to BlockShare, be sure of the condition of utilisations set by your internet provider.

How is my access time to my documents impacted by BlockShare service?

BlockShare service processes documents on the fly. The processing time is barely noticeable (less than a second for a 1MB document).

My document download failed

To be able to download a document, you have to be granted access rights to the document and access rights to the clouds chosen to host it. A few things can make a document unavailable to you:

Expired Document

The document was shared with you but the number of authorized downloads or the access time is reached. This parameters exists so the protection granted to the document is maximal. To be able to download this document, ask its owner to share it again with you.

Wrong cloud account registered

When you sign up, you have to register your cloud accounts. Youu might have inadvertantly register another account than yours, for example another gmail account already opened on your computer. For security reasons, only the BlockShare Client Service can allow your cloud login reset on BlockShare. Please contact us:

Folder blockshare-security-system not found

To manage the service BlockShare, it creates a folder, blockshare-security-system, on your cloud storages. If you delete this folder, all previous uploaded documents on the cloud won’t be available. Unless you restore it from the cloud garbage. Integrity option activated prevent you from this misuse.

A Cloud is not responding

A Cloud host may be not responding. If the option “integrity” is on, this won’t be of any consequence. If not, you must wait for your Cloud service to be back on.

Network is down

The application needs a working internet connection to work properly.

Which cloud should I use?

You are free to use any Cloud you like. BlockShare offers a list of Clouds which are already compatible with the application. This list will grow and will integrate every major offer on the market. Adding private clouds is possible but must be custom made. Please contact us for this kind of offer :

All Clouds don’t work in the same, but BlockShare makes this use transparent. We recommend creating dedicated cloud accounts for the BlockShare application for a more efficient and secure usage.