BlockShare is the world’s first application to offer you irrevocable certification and traceability on the blockchain via the exclusive BlockSeal ® label.


BlockSeal ® permanently links any document with its digital ID (contracts, Associate Pacts, plans, design…)


On all uploads, the user ID is bound to the document ID, irrevocably certifying that they own the documents.


All actions taken on the document (upload, download, share) are recorded in the blockchain . This sign of confidence is essential in the digital economy development.


The free and open access to the blockchain allows anyone to check and control an information via an explorer platform (i.e. Etherscan).


Blockchain is a secure and transparent storage and data transmission technology. It constitues a large public database, opened, reliable and inviolable. It is comparable to a large anonymous and unfalsifiable public register.

Logo certification BlockSeal ®

BlockShare incorporates and makes use of blockchain fundamental properties in its BlockSeal ® module to take advantage of the fabulous benefits of this innovation !