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Time to make it safe !
Respect and take advantage of your GDPR compliance.

Thursday December 10th, 2020 in

(Français) Protection industrielle via la Blockchain

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Retain control over your documents

  • An original and innovative process of destructuring and encrypting your files, which protects your documents from hackers.
  • Only the account’s owner can access to his documents or add a device. Moreover, each action is tracked by the system.
  • Neither the service provider nor BlockShare can access your documents and you decide who is entitled to receive and retrieve it.
  • Your documents are protected by end-to-end encryption: from data transmission to storage and share.
  • BlockShare complies with the requirements of the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR)
Sécurité de bout en bout

Your digital safe at hand

Coffre fort
  • Crashed computer? Server failure? Misoperation? No need to worry, you can access to your documents at any time, from any device by connecting with your BlockShare account.
  • Out of the office, you urgently need a document? You will easily find it and even share it from your smartphone or your tablet.
  • By using duplication, you will retrieve your files even if a Cloud service is down or not accessible.
  • No risk or impact for your information system (IS): your customers are never connected to your IS to access to shared files.

Easy, productive and cost-efficient

  • BlockShare is available on your computers (PC and Mac), smartphones and tablets (Android and iOS) : all you need is a single BlockShare account.
  • No specific IT skills needed, we guarantee a quick installation and you may be offered a technical assistance whenever you need it.
  • With a simple click, you can share any file or folder you want.
  • Send documents securely.
  • BlockShare is a secure alternative to transfer solutions (weTransfer, FTP, …) and file sharing links (DropBox,, GoogleDrive, …).
  • No commitment duration.
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A real benefit for your clients

  • By protecting file exchange between you and your clients, you will enhance your relationship of trust with them.
  • Attaching importance to safety, privacy and file security will highlight and increase the value of your company.
  • You will create customer loyalty by offering them a secure and constant access to the documents they’re interested in.
  • BlockShare gives you new service opportunities to submit to your clients.
Graphique de croissance BlockShare

“I use now BlockShare as part of my usual business activity, outsourced payroll for my customers. Thus, I share easily documents such as payslips, social statements, personnel files, in a fully secured way. BlockShare simplifies communication with my customers, offering in addition a good follow-up. The application is easy to use and the support team is very responsive.”


“BlockShare enables us to share sensitive data or documents with our customers and third parties, ensuring in addition end to end confidentiality, total control and ease of use. An essential tool for our consulting activities in Mergers and Acquisitions. An excellent solution we recommend without any doubt.”

Auris Finance
Jacques ROBOH, Fondateur

The assets

Main features
Full-web application (Windows, MacOSX, Linux)
Highly-secure storage (multi-cloud)
Easy, secure and control sharing
Anywhere, anytime access
Authenticity et traceability by blockchain
Secure transfer 256 bits SSL
End-to-end encryption
Adavanced data protection
100% confidentiality of documents
Dashboard : Monitoring and history of events
Download notification
Workspace : team folder
Advanced sharing permissions
Address directory
Express transfer tool for large files
Multi device (PC, smartphone, tablet)
Interface customization
Dynamic documents archiving
Management of tenders
Contracts management
Wardrobe for architectural plans
Blockchain certification
Vérification of authenticity
Digital pay slip
GDPR Records of processing activities : BlockNote
Live chat support
Phone support
Priority email support
Support at starting
Integration and development support